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This Website

This Website


This website uses Google Domains, a domain registration service offered by Google.


For hosting, I use a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. My original plan was to use Digital Ocean, a cloud computing company, but I chose the Raspberry Pi because it allows me to have full control of my web server and everything on it and is a one time purchase rather than a series of monthly payments.


I designed this website using the MkDocs material theme based off Google's material design. I chose to use MkDocs because it has tons of great themes that I can edit to better fit my website. I also used Disqus, a comment hosting service.

Editing and Version History

To manage edits and version history on my website I use Github, a service for software development with integrated version control. When I make an edit I begin by using a text editor by Microsoft called Visual Studio Code to edit the page or pages I want to change. From there I can upload and push changes to Github and the version is automatically documented and saved. I then use SSH (Secure Shell), a network protocol to access remote devices to connect to the Raspberry Pi hosting my website. I can then pull the changed code from Github and upload it to the live version of my website. I am in the process of making this automated, making the process much easier by writing code to automatically pull code from Github and post it to the live version of my website on the Raspberry Pi.

Last update: September 4, 2021